Monday, October 16, 2006


Now that's better. If the Mets end up winning this series, it'll be hard to explain years later, but Oliver & Oliver's 11 2/3 innings may end up being the key. Between those two stints on the mound -- Darren's at the tail end of Saturday's loss & Perez's at the start of last night's "Get The Bats Working" game -- the bullpen is rested and ready.

Heilman & Wagner (yeah, him) are fully rested, and Bradford, Feliciano & Mota are all coming off relatively short outings. And the bats thundered too. Speaking of thunder, the St. Louis forecast is for heavy showers all day today, so there's a good chance that game 5 may get moved to Tuesday . . . letting Tom Glavine go on full rest as well. There are three downsides to that: Weaver also gets full rest, the Cardinal pen gets the rest it needs after last night's pounding, and you really don't wanna give the Met bats a night off after a performance like that.

But with Glavine's well-documented shortcomings on short rest, and knowing the way he's pitched so far this post-season after a solid September, that one factor may overcome three.

At any rate, the Two Carloses are locked in, Valentin & Wright look like they may be starting to swing the bat, Green continues to contribute. Perhaps the offense is ready to keep this up, in which case none of this'll matter. If Met bats show up, it won't matter whether Weaver has his good stuff or not, and it won't matter whether Glavine gives up 1 or 3 runs in his 6 innings.

And thanks to Oliver & Oliver & Carlos & Carlos, their backs aren't against the wall. In fact, it's a Verge Game, a game that'll leave one of the teams on the verge of winning the pennant. But for now, I think we're on the verge of having one more day to think about this. If that's the case, here's to a relaxing extra day for Tommy G, before he takes the hill to put the Mets on The Verge.


Anonymous Applesaucer said...

Nice post.

Some really weird pitching decisons by Larussa last night: namely, leaving a right hander to pitch to Delgado for one of his HRs last night.

Before the at bat I said "I'll chug a beer if Larussa leaves this guy in here." So I was chugging to Delgado's home run trot.


10:17 AM  
Anonymous Mike said...

Well, that's a man who keeps his word. A lot of fellas say stuff like that, but when the moment to pay back comes . . .

Well done. I'm sure Carlos was proud.

10:20 AM  
Anonymous John Royal said...

On the bright side, the word is that game might be rained out, which means Glavine pitches on normal rest tomorrow.

And on the even brigther side, if the Arizona Cardinals can find someway to keep within 10 points of the Chicago Bears, I should win a few hundred bucks in the office NFL pool.

11:38 AM  
Blogger Thrillhous said...

I sure hope they can get the game in tonight. I don't know what I'd do if I didn't get to see that crappy Melloncamp chevy ad 58 times.

12:36 PM  
Anonymous Mike said...

Man, I hate that Mellencamp ad. It's such a blatant sop to Babyboomers, but in the least controversial way: civil rights, rock n' roll, gentle hippy types, even a vaguely Dylanesque organ sound in the mix.

Not one of Johnny's better moments.

12:40 PM  

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