Sunday, October 15, 2006


Really not much to say that hasn't been said. Nor will much of it add anything useful to the world. Trachsel was awful, Wright continues to do nothing at the plate, the team had little energy, the Cards are rolling, energized by their stirring comeback Friday night. What can I say? It sucks.

So, a few positive comments, then let's see what happens:

Darren Oliver: If this series ends up happily, Oliver's 6 shutout innings will be seen as step one in the salvage job. Other than Roberto's one inning, the bullpen got the night off. Unless Oliver Perez falls behind badly & early tonight, Willie can go back to his bullpen early & often routine that's been so effective most of the post-season.

Reyes: This is good in two ways. Jose played well, lacing a triple. But more importantly, Anthony, the Cardinal pitcher will start tonoght. He's not good, with an ERA over 5.00. Maybe his numbers are better than Perez's, but the Mets hitters are better than the Cards. If the Mets can simply score more runs than the Cards, then it's 2-2 going into game 5, with both Glavine & Weaver pitching on short rest.

We'll see how it goes. But it has to start tonight, with Met bats punishing a poor pitcher. That one step starts the Mo' back in the Mets direction.


Blogger Thrillhous said...

Great point about Oliver. Saved the bullpen.

Managed to stay awake until the 5th inning bonk-bonk on the head. Sweet.

Not a terrible outting for Perez, although those back2back homers in the 6th were ugly.

Still, Mets defense did not look great. Can't seem to get their gloves on the ball.

8:27 AM  
Anonymous Mike said...

The homes in te 6th were ugly, but you just wanna see him up their pumping strikes with that big lead. And that's exactly what he did.

Usually I'm a big stat head, but last night's 5 runs in 5 2/3 innings doesn't really tell the tale. Not saying he pitched a gem -- he didn't -- but to use lame, baseball parlance, he got the job done.

8:41 AM  

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