Wednesday, January 17, 2007


Don Cheadle was right -- it's all about the playoffs. The eternal battle of the sexes that plays out during early January afternoons on the couch with a beer in one hand, and a trans-fat-filled snack of some sort in the other, has gone trans-Pacific: sex troubles for the pandas in a Thailand zoo.

Seems the excess pounds that Mr. Chuang has put on as he rooted for his Bears by eating & drinking everything he saw (like a true Bears fan) have turned off the missus, Lin Hui. According to AP:
Chuang Chuang is gaining weight too fast and we found Lin Hui is no longer comfortable with having sex with him.
Translation: Ms. Lin ain't fucking no fatty. She wants Chuang to get his ass off the couch and return to the lean & toned panda she met while reclining languidly all those years ago. Back to basics: vegetables, exercise, shave & shower, put on a tie, bring her the occasional bouquet of bamboo shoots. Lazy bum.

Mr. Chuang promises he'll stop drinking & eating red meat after the Super Bowl. Ms. Lin promises she's going back to the jungle to find her old boyfriend, Wong Dong, if he doesn't.


Blogger George said...

40 comments for Microsoft and no love for the pandas?

8:15 PM  
Anonymous Mike said...

George, I've been wondering the same thing all day. A fat panda? Too fat for his Lady Panda Friend?

Thank you for breaking the ice. I think the comments'll flood in now.

Or not.

8:19 PM  

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