Monday, October 23, 2006


In today's episode of Ain't That Ironical, we learn from Reuters that Hungarians are commemorating the 50th Anniversary of their doomed uprising against the Soviets by . . .

. . . shooting anti-government protestors with rubber bullets and tear gas cannisters.

Hungary's Socialist Party President -- the party which is "heir[] of the communists whose rule was cemented for 33 more years after Soviet troops put down the uprising" -- faces charges that he lied about the economy to secure the last election. Now, with the nation embroiled in protest, the world is being treated to the spectacle of demonstrators seizing an ancient Soviet tank, and driving it through the streets of Budapest towards police lines protecting the Socialist-led Parliament.

Tragedy, irony, & twisted symbolism galore. But I'm really wondering about the following:
* Is it standard to leave the keys in the 50 Year-Old Tank when you bring it out for Uprising Commemorations?

* Do many Hungarian anti-government protesters know how to operate 50 Year-Old Soviet Tanks?

I'm also curious what goulash is exactly, but I'll save that question til we get to the bottom of the tank issues.


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