Wednesday, April 19, 2006


The Mets took it on the chin at Shea last night, losing 7-1 to the loathsome Braves. Leading the charge in the debacle were Braves starter Kyle Davies and slugger Andruw Jones, as well as Met arsonist, Victor Zambrano. Before hitting the proverbial clubhouse showers, the droopy-faced Venezuelan was cleansed on the field with boos & catcalls for 5 home run-filled innings. Interviewed after the game while trying on a neckbrace, he told reporters, "This is only my second game. It's a long season." Indeed it is, Victor. And you may be enjoying it soon from sunny Norfolk, Virginia. I hope their cable system gets SNY.

I hate to see a home player hear boos. Not only must it really hurt to hear derision from your own fans, but I don't think it actually "does any good." I mean, the fans are supposed to encourage their players, right? (yeah). As self-proclaimed pitching guru (aka, Mets Pitching Coach), Rick Peterson declared, "They call it a New York minute. They've got about a minute's worth of patience." Sadly true.

Eventually clamping shut the neckbrace and popping the first in a series of ego-salving after-game beers, Zambrano continued, "I'm looking forward to being more consistent." Join the freakin club, Victor. But, that's the problem. He is consistent. Consistently bad. Except for a surprisingly effective performance out of the bullpen with the Devil Rays in 2001, he's been average at best. But even the "average" is deceptive, as he's given up plenty of unearned runs, and his WHIP is always poor.

Peterson's hubris-charged belief that he, alone, could go where no pitching coach had heretofore gone -- wherever it is that Zambrano is an adequate major league starter -- probably facilitated the inexplicable trade of Scott Kazmir a couple years ago. Give up, Rick. He's no good for you. And the Mets should close the book on the Zambrano Experiment and send him to the bullpen or to Norfolk. Or just send his career to the showers.


Anonymous John Royal said...

Hey, at least you can't blame this one on Steve Phillips. Or can you? I think he was gone then.

9:24 PM  

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