Thursday, April 27, 2006


Announcing yesterday that Tony Snow would succeed Scott McClellan as White House Press Secretary, the Prez told the press: "My job is to make decisions. And his job is to help explain those decisions to the press corps and the American people."

He's really into this whole "Decider" thing lately, isn't he?

Showing that he's mastered the double-talk required for a job with only one qualification -- an ability to lie about every single thing you say from dawn til dusk -- Snow told the assembled reporters that "One of the I reasons took this job is not only because I believe in the president, because, believe it or not, I want to work with you."

Say what? Apart from what looks to be a Times typo (a mistake in the paper of record? Say it ain't so) with that odd "I reason took" construction, he uses the word "believe" twice, once following the word "not," and again just preceding it.

Let's attempt to break it down, shall we?

1. "One of the reasons" he took the job is "not only because" he believes in the president . . .

Hmmm. What was it Gertrude said to Hamlet about the Lady protesting too much? Seems to me you'd expect a White House representative to "believe in" the President, no? I mean, who asked him?

2. . . . but also "because believe it or not" he wants to work with the Press & the American people. Wants to work with the pablum-lapping sycophants that make up the White House Press Corps? Ok, I believe it.

Wants to "work with" the American People? I'm gonna have to go with "or not" on that one.

* * *

The White House Press Secretary is just a propaganda mouthpiece. No one even tries to pretend he believes anything the guy in that position says. So might as well just go for broke. President Pinocchio missed his chance when Ari Fleisher stepped down, so I think he should ditch this Snow Job, and go with the only man really qualified for the post:

Click here to reveal my Nominee.


Anonymous donna said...

Scathing! LOL! Hey, I loved Baghdad Bob. I watched a great deal of the war on TV and got to see him doing his thing--the guy had energy. ;-)

2:58 AM  

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