Thursday, May 04, 2006


As Bolivia follows Venezuela, Cuba, and god knows what other Latin American nations down the attractive-to-the-poor, but probably doomed path of nationalization/socialism/collectivism, I can only hope the U.S. doesn't follow it's own haunted past down the road it took in Iran in '53, and might have taken in Chile in '73.

No matter what we think of Loco Evo's policies, he's the legally-elected leader of his country, and it's ultimately not our business to leverage our influence there. Not to mention, as a policy matter, even if our government decided to "get involved," with the current quagmires in Iraq & Afghanistan, plus the brewing pissing match with Iran, what could we possibly do? The military's stretched too thin as it is.

Would we draft Eagle Scouts & the Daughters of the American Revolution, and invade with broomsticks, pellet guns & torches?


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