Wednesday, May 03, 2006


A few brief thoughts on the Mets after last night's smackdown:

Zane Deshaies?:

The boys were handcuffed last night by the immortal Michael O'Connor, a 25 year-old, junkballing rookie lefthander. Actually, you can see that his minor league numbers are decent, even though his ERAs were a bit high given the underlying K/BB data, and he was conspicuously old for the levels he pitched in.

Far as I can remember though, the Mets have been beaten around by slop-tossing lefties since time immemorial. Jim Deshaies, Zane Smith, Mike Hampton before he came to Queens. Glavine beat everyone in the NL East before joining the Mets, so I guess it's not fair to count him. And as Gary Cohen mentioned last night, Randy Tomlin used to give the Mets fits, though as you can see, he pitched pretty well against other teams too.

Forget The Maine:

The revenge of Anna Benson lives on. John Maine, part two of the package of goods the Mets received in exchange for Kris Benson, lost in his first start. He did manage to strike out 6 in 5 2/3 IP while walking only 2, so perhaps he'll be OK. But he also gave up 4 runs and a long ball to the light-hitting Nats, so in his next start perhaps he'll be KO'd. We'll see.

At any rate, the Met rotation isn't very solid right now after Pedro & Glavine. And yes, those two are a combined 204 years-old.

The Updated Jorge Julio Counter: As I mentioned a few days ago, Jorge Julio seems poised to shatter pitching records of all kinds this season, with both strikeout and HR numbers climbing faster than his weight, ERA, and sports therapist bills combined. After last night's performance, the Counter stands as follows: 13 1/3 IP, 15 H, 13 R, 10 ER, 4 HR, 5 BB, 24K.

Assuming 75 innings, Jorge's on pace for 135 Ks and an astounding 23 HRs. Unless he starts a few games, I think Blyleven's 50 HRs tally is safe, but the strikeout numbers would eclipse even the 137 that Eric Gagne recorded in 82+ innings a few years back. This is hallowed ground Mr. Julio's treading upon! While acknowledging that I want the hefty fella to continue appearing only in blowout losses, we can only continue to wish him health and luck in this regard.


Anonymous Applesaucer said...

"he was conspicuously old for the levels he pitched in"

Do you apply the same standards for pitchers as you do for hitters in determining appropriate age ranges for each minor league level?

I haven't checked it out for Maine in particular, but I'm thinking that pitchers might deserve a year -- maybe even two years -- of leeway relative to hitters.

10:13 AM  
Blogger Mike said...

You're probably right, and Maine looks to be about the age you'd expect for a pitcher at each level he played at:

As for O'Connor, he was conspicuously old at each level. He's nearly 26 and this is the first year he's thrown above A ball. Even giving him the 2 years "pitcher kciker," 23 is old for A ball.

10:29 AM  

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