Wednesday, April 19, 2006


Seems like none other than Canadian expat, turned American counterculture icon, turned American Republican, turned American independant libertarian, turned . . . oh, you get the idea . . . none other than Neil Young has decided to join me in calling for Bush's impeachment.

You see, folks, Neil and I have been tight ever since we formed The Buffalo Springfield in LA back in '66. Later on, I write Cinnamon Girl for him, in honor of this gal we knew who just loved to sprinkle that tasty powder in her hot apple cider. She liked nutmeg too, but "Nutmeg Girl" sounded too much like a dude in love with a horse.

Speaking of which, the name "Crazy Horse"? My idea. The "Cowgirl in the Sand"? My girlfriend. The entire inspiration for "Rust Never Sleeps"?

Well that was Elvis and the Sex Pistols, but I'm sure I spoke to him about that idea at some point.

* * *

But I see no harm (though probably not much good either) coming from this song. And hopefully it'll be a good song. Anyone alienated by Neil's politicking wasn't gonna vote for an opponent of Bush & his allies anyhow.


Anonymous Karen said...

FYI, I wrote to my senators and congresswoman months ago telling them they should impeach Bush. My main points: handling of Katrina and the Scooter scandal. I think that is much worse than getting a blowjob in the oval office.

So actually, you and Mr. Young have joined ME in calling for Bush's impeachment. I know I have always been an inspiration . . . .

11:27 AM  
Anonymous John Royal said...

You might not have wrote it, but I'd say you're definitely the inspiration for "Needle and the Damage Done."

9:19 PM  

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