Friday, May 05, 2006


MI III: The only impossible mission I'm aware of is going online, or commuting, without seeing a goddamn ad for this movie.

I didn't see Mission Impossibles 1 or 2 (or would it be Missions Impossible 1 & 2?), so rest assured I won't be ponying up whatever ghastly amount it costs to see a blockbuster these days. Hey, maybe the movie's good, what do I know? But something tells me they could substitute Will Smith or Bruce Willis or even Brad Pitt for Wacky Tommy and no one'd even know the difference.

Explosions, loud music & chicks in tight pants or short skirts. As far as The Formula goes, does anything else really matter?


Anonymous Barry said...

I think you've pegged the Hollywood 'formula' for what it really is . . . mostly hype.

12:15 PM  

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