Monday, January 01, 2007


. . . or Happy Calendarial Turnover Day for those non-Yearists among us.

I hope you're not too hungover, or if you are really hungover, congratulations, you must've had a rip-roaring time of it last night. Enjoy the day of college football games unless, like me, you've discovered that college football sucks, and enjoy the rainy day with your family instead.

Or, you know what? Just do whatever you want. It's all cool.

Anyhoo, back tomorrow with the first entry of the New & Improved Mike's Neighborhood '07. 23% more fun, more laughs, more happy hour drink specials, more ladies of weak morality, and more crispy french fries than the '06 version. But only 9% more rambling screeds against governmental cant, venality & incomptetence (subscribers to the Mike's Neighborhood Premium Package will receive the full 23% improvement -- to suscribe, send me a check for $250).

And, of course, only four days from the long awaited return of the New & Improved Friday Silly Movie Of My Youth Of The Day. The percentage improvement? Incalculable.

Hasta maƱana, y'all.


Anonymous Donna said...

Happy New Year to you and the missus, Mike. Thanks for a fun place to hang. :-) See you in the neighborhood!

10:36 PM  

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