Tuesday, May 15, 2007


That was fun last night. I met a friend for a burger & a beer three beers last night, to catch up, watch the Mets, etc. I needed to finish up something at work, so I didn't get to the bar til about 8:00. And . . .

Mets down 4-0 before I watched the first pitch. Yikes!

But, as I filled my belly with The Three Food Groups® -- ground beef, fried potatos & dry Irish Stout -- I watched the Mets mount a methodical, no-panic comeback. It seemed as inevitable as the 5th inning visit to the facilities.

So what did we have? David Wright continuing his resurrection, going deep the other way to get the boys back in the game. Jose, Jose, Jose slappin' singles, drawin' walks, pickin' it at SS, stealin' bases on pitch-outs with 2 outs in the bottom of the 9th (you know, the standard stuff). Carlos Delgado recognizing that can't hit anything lately, choosing instead to wait out wild pitchers choking under the pressure of late-inning drama.

Yes, it was that kind of game. A few thoughts:

1. Finally, Gary, Ron & The Eternal Captain doing the game at the same time. And I was in a bar with music -- good music at least -- playing. I missed every word. I'll assume Keith said the following about Delgado:
a. He "pulled off the ball" when he swung & missed last night; and
b. Some variation on "That may get him started" after he dunked in the single that Soriano butchered; and
c. Some variation on "That's a veteran move" as he took ball one and ball two in the final at-bat.
I'm sure I'm correct here.

2. Aaron Heilman earned the win by throwing one pitch. Always love that.

3. Sound or no sound, is there anything more entertaining than watching Lou Piniella as his team blows a 4-run lead?

4. Jose Reyes (just had to say it.)

5. Uncle Cliffy probably didn't enjoy last night's game as much as I did.

(Just a guess.)

6. How cool is Joe Smith?

7. Nice defense by Damion Easley last night. Do you think 'Stache "took one for the team" and let Easley into the secret chamber in Willie's office? Shaved off the moustache and brewed some tea which he gave to Damion? What's the story here?

8. Johnny Maine tonight. Let's go big guy. Here's hoping the Mets make this Zambrano look like . . . well, you know.

9. I can't say it. I don't wanna get within 3 miles of the names "Victor Zambrano" or "Scott Kazmir."

10. You didn't read that. I actually wrote "Beltran," "Wright," & "Reyes."

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Anonymous Steve H. said...

Re #3; No, there's not. I don't hate Lou, but his failure is there for our entertainment; I can't think of it any other way.

I have to think that the late-inning relief in the major leagues is as thin as it's ever been. Sunday night the Red Sox scored six runs in the ninth after the Orioles' starter blanked them for 8 1/3 innings and was pulled anyway. The same night, Oakland got five in the ninth to beat Cleveland. Like the Cubs last night, some of these guys they bring in late have nothing at all, apparently.

10:14 AM  
Blogger George said...

Steve H.--yes, bullpens seem thin (ask the Brew Crew as they watched Turnbow turn bad last night), which is exactly why it's good it took Heillman only 1 pitch. That way he doesn't have time to go bad.

It was a fun game, no? I didn't get home until the 8th inning out here in CA, not even realizing it was ESPN. But a bottom of the ninth victory is a lot of fun, even when the game ends with 3 walks.

12:28 PM  
Blogger Rickey Henderson said...

Yeah last night's game was terrific. Rickey strolled into Shea with the Mets down 0-4. Things improved notably at that poing. Perfect timing...

3:30 PM  
Blogger Mike said...

Bullpens do seem to be blowing a lot of games this year.

Lat night the Cubs pen was actually fine til that one dude started walking everyone in the 9th inning. It was kinda unbelievable, actually.

8:59 PM  

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