Friday, April 18, 2008


Well, well, well. Seems another year has passed. And the more things change, the more they . . . change?

Those of you masochistic enough to come by here regularly know that two years ago a fella name a' Mike started posting his inconsequential thoughts for the world to see. And shockingly, a small sliver of the world actually showed up to read him.

(And discovered, to their never-ending pleasure, that he never wrote in the third person like he's inexplicably doing now.)

Anyhow, as you also know, these days I write blog posts about as often as George Bush reads a book. And I have the facts to prove it: In Year One™ I posted 560 times. Year Two™? 94.

Of course you also know that two days ago was the one year anniversary of my "new" job. So this ain't happening in a vacuum.

And what does it all mean? As usual, I have no idea. I'm not here to explain things. I'm here to blab about whatever's on my mind! It's for you to figure out where it all fits in. Buncha' freeloaders.

So what should you expect in Year Three™? Can't really say, but here are your choices:
a. 561 posts containing trenchant commentary on everything under the sun.
b. 5 posts essentially saying, "uhhh, I'm sorry I never post anymore." Oh, and at least 3 memes.
c. Somewhere between those extremes
d. Complete disappearance
All I can say for sure is that I'll do my best to avoid "d." And I can also say that the odds of "a" are somewhere between "fat" and "chance." So it's a toss-up between "b" & "c." I'll let you decide.

(You can decide. I doubt it'll affect what happens.

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