Monday, July 31, 2006


No time or inclination this morning for a full-on, tome's-length Met post, but after a humiliating sweep of the hideous Braves -- at The Ted! -- I feel as if I'd be something less than a true Met fan not to post at least a little something's worth of my overweening glee.

Or something like that.

So, with no further ado, let's jump straight into a few random thoughts, til we meet again:

1. MVP! MVP? Like the emotionless & rampaging cyborg he was contructed to be, The Beltranator continues to destroy all that stands in his path. He's basically a line-drive smashing, bases loaded clearing, crooked number creating, Braves pitcher humiliating (8 homers so far!), Met fan salivating monster. In the "Pure Power" department, other than late 80's Darryl, '00 Piazza, and maybe Wright last August, I'm not sure when I ever saw such a one man wrecking crew. I fully expect a homer from him every at-bat.

And I plan to lustily boo him if he fails in that regard. 4-for-5 with two doubles, a triple, 3 SBs and 4 runs scored? I'm booing. I want taters!

But seriously (with all apologies to the crime fighting duo we know as the Prince of New York and El Rapido, we know who the Met MVP is), as great as he's been, he's not the NL MVP at this point. Even with Beltran's 7 extra games (for 31 extra plate appearences), superior baserunning, far more value in the field, a ballpark disadvantage, & the league-leading RBI total . . . Phat Albert's the NL MVP. It takes a lot to overcome Beltran's advantages of 8 runs, 7 RBIs, 7 2Bs and 10 SBs.

And Pujols brings them: 1 extra 3B, 1 extra HR, and 36 fewer batting outs. Beltran's been dominating. Just great. And in my opinion, he's just not quite in Pujols territory, because he requires far more outs to put up his numbers. But as you can see, he's probably the clear number two guy in the league. Amazing.

Tommy Strikezone: He's not in the zone. I don't wanna pile on, I really hope he turns it around, and I don't know exactly what to say. But this ain't working right now. He's been a BP pitcher for a couple months now, and his post-all star break numbers aren't even acceptable: 21 2/3 IP, 30 H, 12 BB, 9 K, 3 HR. 6.65/1.94. And, as if we need to see it as worse than it looks . . . he's yielded 3 unearned runs in those 4 starts, meaning he's been giving up nearly 8 runs per 9 IP since the break.

Glavine's 40 years old and hasn't had a great season in quite a few years now. The Mets need 6 innings of 3 runs or less from him come October. This is a requirement. Just like Pedro got his suspicious one month vacation, it's time for Tommy to have his. Free Pelfrey? How's about Lock Up Tommy. Enjoy your August, big guy, you earned it. See ya after Labor Day.

Fucking Yanks: Abreu and Cory Lidle for 3 retarded dwarfs and a rusty bicycle chain. I hate Steinbrenner. Bastard.

And, yes, that is unbridled envy. What do want me to say? With a pitching staff giving up runs by the bushel every other start, I'm thinking a .425 OBP guy and a serviceable arm might have been nice. More runs on one side of the ledger, less on the other. That's the idea of the game, right?

Cliff Floyd Has Missed 30 Games: No point to make. Just felt I needed to point that out.

Delgado is Hitting Again: Hey, we're fair & balanced here.

Endy & 'Stache: Just because I wanted to smile a liiiiiiiitle bit more. No, it's not a dream. The Mets -- the first place Mets, leading the NL in runs -- are receiving excellent contributions from Jose Valentin & Endy Chavez.

No idea either. Let's not even talk about it too much.

Eli Marrero Is Holding A Met Roster Spot: Bears mentioning, no?

And finally . . .

A SWEEP of the Braves at the Ted. Heh, heh.


Anonymous Danny said...

Glavine won't take a month off... not when he is bearing down on 300 wins. (which he will do with the Braves next year) I think he becomes good again in October, when the weather turns cold and the ball becomes heavier.

Either way, with the team as currently constructed, the offense is going to have to carry the weight in the postseason. And they are more than capable of doing that. Especially with the the incredible Beltranator.

9:38 AM  
Anonymous Mike said...

Good point about G's run for 300. Forgot about that.

I foolishly assumed he'd care more about winning the Series this year than whether he reaches that landmark next June or next September.

Of course, Tommy's a smart guy. He has to know you need to go 5 innings to record a W.

9:48 AM  
Blogger Will McKinley said...

If the Mets make any type of major move today it will be their downfall, mark my words.

Glavine willbe fine. Everything will be fine. If they trade Milledge or even Heilman I am goimg to protest in front of Shea Stadium.

They can trade Heath Bell. That's it.

12:18 PM  
Anonymous Mike said...

I don't think they can trade Heath, because he's always on the bus to Norfolk.

12:20 PM  

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