Friday, July 28, 2006


According to the Commerce Department's official statistics, the economy slowed down greatly during the second quarter . . . while inflation "heated up."

If the government -- which exaggerates, spins, and outright lies about the economy -- is reporting this, you can only guess how bad it really is, or will be. Actually, you don't have to guess. Just ask yourself a few basic questions:
Gotten a raise lately? Confident you could change jobs successfully? If you run your own business, how's it been doing? How's your real estate value looking? Investments doing well? Confident about your savings? Handling your debt?
Ok. Now move on to these:
Paying more or less for fuel? For food? For clothing? Taken many vacations lately? Working more or less for your salary? More or less in debt that two years ago? If no debt, how's your "nest egg" compared to then?
Read the signs. They're clear. And act accordingly, because the economic future isn't pretty.


Blogger Alan P. said...

It is odd watching how people in this country react to hard times. The common break in logic seems to go along the lines of: "Well I'm deep in debt, everything costs more, and even though I've done everything the government has asked of me things only get worse. Oh well, at least everyone else is doing well according to the GDP numbers, so it must be my fault, stupid, stupid, me." So, as a consequence, they don't talk about it. For myself, I have tried to reduce my consumption of everything. Batten down the hatches, I say. I don't know how people with high rent, child support, student loans, etc. make it these days. The government is lying and oppressive. The corporations are getting more and more invasive into prospective employee's personal lives every day. I went to one that wanted a complete medical workup before hiring. I said to myself, I'll be damned if I'll give them more knowledge about my health than I have. Another wanted credit reports, interviews with neighbors, drug screens, on and on. I walked out on both of them. I'll live under a bridge before I let those corporate a-holes own me like that.

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