Monday, March 24, 2008


I had a feeling this would happen. There've been so many damn memes going around, I was bound to catch one sooner or later. There's only so much vitamin C or green tea one can take to keep his immune system humming along. And Smitty got me. Oh well.

This one seems to be known as the 4X4 meme, meaning you have to wear a baseball cap, drive a pick-up truck, and sing John Mellencamp songs, I think. Or maybe it's just answering the following four questions:

4 jobs I've had: Grass Roots Organizer for Insurgent Political Campaign, Waiter, Production Assistant (Film), Lawyer.

4 TV shows I watch: Mets baseball, King & I (Korean language historical drama . . . with subtitles), No Reservations (though not lately), Iron Chef America (not lately either)

4 places I have been: San Sebastian, Spain; Kwangju, South Korea; Punta Del Este, Uruguay; Ile-d'Orléans, Quebec, Canada.

4 foods I like: N.Y. Strip Medium Rare Thank You Very Much, French Fries, Sure I'll Take The Creamed Spinach Why The Hell Not, Port Ain't Food But That's Gotta Be The Finishing Move.

Bored? Disappointed? Neither? Oh well. Who's tagged? All of you . . . or no one at all. We're all about free will (and freeing willy) at this here place.

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Blogger Smitty said...

Plain and simple: I love Iron Chef America. Still slightly campy and melodramatic, but Alton Brown is my "if you batted for the other team" guy.

11:24 AM  
Blogger Mike said...

The original Iron Chef, was far more campy & melodramatic. I loved that show.

What's this about Alton? You know something I don't know?

6:50 AM  

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